Duc d’O – Flaked Dark Truffles 16 Pieces – 200g





In 1983, Mr. Hendrik Verhelst, a keen chocolate lover, made his dream come true when he founded his own chocolate production company, Duc d’O Chocolaterie. Immediately from the start, his mission was to provide consumers with high quality products at an affordable price. A clear and simple strategy that paid off.

No two Duc d’O truffles are the same. The reason for this is very simple, the light chocolate mousse is sent on a journey through a large bed of chocolate flakes. Dancing over them, the truffles wrap themselves in the wildness of Belgian chocolate. Only then are they ready to find their way into civilisation. That´s why all Duc d’O truffles are indecently delectable…but each that little bit unique.

Duc d’O Flaked Dark Truffles are made from delicious Belgian chocolate sprinkled in flakes of dark chocolate, perfect Belgian Craftmanship and great for sharing.